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FollowMe FAQ

Is my child's bike compatible?

The FollowMe can take between a 12" and 20" wheel child's bike. The vast majority of children's bikes in this size range will fit. The only time it becomes a problem is when the child's bike does not have a normal down tube for the FollowMe's clamp to fit to. If you're unsure whether this applies to you then feel free to contact us before placing an order.

Which version do I need?

If your child's bike has a front wheel which is secured by wheel nuts (solid axle), then our standard package will have all the adaptors you need.

If your child's bike has a front wheel which is secured either by allen key bolts or a quick-release skewer, you will need our Hollow-Axle Version. This comes with an additional adaptor for the child's bike.

Is my adult's bike compatible?

The FollowMe is compatible with 99% of adult's bikes (well, not statistically but you get the gist of it). It is compatible with most hybrids, road bikes, electric bikes, MTBs etc.

The limiting factors are the towing bike must have at least 26" wheels. 700c/28" work. Likewise, 29ers are also compatible.

Note that with 29ers, you are limited to 2.2" wide tyres due to the FollowMe's mudguard. You could get round this either by removing the mudguard or cutting down the mudguard.

The FollowMe comes with an adaptor for a quick-release rear wheel as standard. If your bike does not have a quick-release rear wheel, we have numerous other adaptors available.

If your rear wheel is secured by wheel nuts, you will need one of the solid axle adaptors listed on the FollowMe Accessories page.

If your rear wheel is secured by a thru-axle, you will need a thru-axle adaptor.

If none of that means anything to you or you're in any doubt, then please contact us and we will be able to help you identify what you need. It is sometimes best if you can send us photos of your bikes to check compatibility.

If I order the standard FollowMe, will I be able to use it with a child's bike with hollow-axles in the future?

Yes. The FollowMe itself is exactly the same across the various versions. The only difference is the adaptors provided for the child's bike.

The hollow-axle adaptors are available to order separately when you swap to a different bike.

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